Brand New ALTRA VIA OLYMPUS Max Comfort, Meet Road

November 07 2022

Brand New ALTRA VIA OLYMPUS Max Comfort, Meet Road
Brand New ALTRA VIA OLYMPUS Max Comfort, Meet Road



ALTRA is pleased to announce the all new MAX Cushioned VIA OLYMPUS. The VIA OLYMPUS brings ALTRA’s reputation for comfort to this brand new road shoe. 

Designed to match performance with style, the brands DNA of  Balanced Cushioning and Footshape allows runners to experience the fun of running comfortably and naturally. 

ALTRA’s Olympus family of trail running shoes have built a tremendous reputation which ALTRA are now bringing to the Road. This shoe is your partner for everything from Ultra Distance, Marathon or just fabulously max cushioned, max comfort leisure runs. 

With 33mm of Altra's patented EGO™ MAX midsole the VIA Olympus also employs an active stance rocker which allows the shoe to feel brisk by providing a smooth toe-off in every stride.  

VIA Olympus inherits various features that are loved by ALTRA users everywhere such as ORIGINAL FOOTSHAPE™, the widest of Altra’s FootShape™ Fit designed to match the shape of the human foot while allowing the toes to spread naturally. VIA Olympus is the only Altra road running shoe to use this ORIGINAL FOOTSHAPE™ FIT. 

However, VIA Olympus does not compromise on performance and the shoe uses an active stance rocker for a fast, efficient toe off on every run. Furthermore the midsole and outsole employs ALTRA’s Innerflex™ design which is a structure to mirror the bone structure in the feet while at the same time dramatically reducing weight and increasing flexibility without sacrificing cushioning.

The upper of the VIA Olympus is a light, engineered mesh which not only provides the necessary road running protection but also increases breathability.  The heel cup is designed to lock in your heel and provide superb stable comfort, mile after mile 

Combining these various technologies, the VIA Olympus is set to become the chosen shoe for long-distance road runners but with a level of comfort not often seen on any shoe. Every runner can now comfortably step out of their comfort zone from the very first step!

The core technology of VIA Olympus includes:

  • BALANCED CUSHIONING™ - Our Balanced Cushioning™ platform positions your heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground, encouraging better alignment and better form to reduce injury  .
  • The Original  FOOTSHAPE™️ provides the widest toe box in the ALTRA range, providing sufficient space to allow the toes to spread  naturally improving balance and comfort.
  • ALTRA EGO™️ MAX midsole material, high resilience and light weight, while maintaining high durability and energy rebound. 
  • ROCKER SHAPE, the "rolling rocker" position of the  Active Stance Rocker positions the inflection point of the shoe 65% away from the heel position. This technology greatly improve the runner's fluency and exercise efficiency while maintaining a natural running posture.
  • INNERFLEX™ midsole grooves enhance stability

VIA Olympus details :

Weight: Men's 312 g / Women 255 g 

Midsole: Altra EGO™ Max

Outsole: Rubber

Cushioning: Max

Stack Height: 33 mm

Drop: 0mm
Upper Material: Ultra-lightweight & breathable

VIA Olympus is suitable for long distance, prolonged use.

Suggested retail price : HK$1458-




ALTRA began In 2011 in Utah, one of the Western states of the United States. The brand name comes from the ancient Latin "ALTERA", which means "change" and "repair". 

ALTRA has grown every year since its inception and is now the second largest trail running shoe brand in the United States and growing rapidly on the road. 

ALTRA running shoes were originally inspired by the Wasatch Mountains near the ALTRA headquarters in Utah. The founder, Golden Harper, launched a variety of running shoes with the concept of  Balanced Cushioning™️ combined with the wide toe design of Footshape™️.

So far, ALTRA has received many awards across the industry.